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LR Baggs T-Bridge Tune-O-Matic Piezo Bridge Pickup (Chrome)


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The T-Bridge provides the same great Baggs tone as the X-Bridge in a tune-o-matic model. This sturdy and beautiful bridge contains six pickups that can be summed or used discretely for hexaphonic output, and comes in gold, chrome and black finishes.

Each saddle contains a miniature high-output pickup. These six pickups can either be combined or can be used discretely for a hexaphonic output. It also works with the Ctrl-X for acoustic or electric sounds at the flip of a switch! Available in silver, gold or black base.

Package includes T-Bridge with six piezo saddles, summing board, replacement posts, mounting hardware, jack, volume pot and installation instructions.


  • T-Bridge Tune-o-matic Piezo Bridge, Chrome
  • Includes Six Piezo Saddle Pickups
  • Includes Posts and Mounting Hardware
  • Includes Summing Circuit Board
  • Includes Volume Pot And Input Jack
    Color: Chrome
    Instrument: Electric Guitar
    Manufacturer: LR Baggs
    MPN: TB CH
    Placement: Bridge
    Sensor Type: Piezo
    String Spacing: Standard
    String Type: Steel
    Adjustment knob width: .625″ (5/8″, 15.87mm)
    Overall length: 3.35″ (3 5/16″, 85.09mm)
    Post hole size: .014″ (9/64″, .36)
    Post insert shaft width: .028″ (9/32″, .71) including knurling, fits 1/4″ hole
    Post shaft height: .034″ (11/32″, .86mm)
    Post shaft width: .016″ (5/32″, .41mm)
    Post spacing (center to center): 2.95″ (2 15/16″, 74.93mm)
    String spacing (E to E): 2.05″ (2 1/16″, 52.07mm)

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