Midiman Midi 3X8 Thru-Box Switcher


Midiman quality, simplicity, and value in a 3 x 8 MIDI interface! The Midiman Thru 3×8 features 3 MIDI Ins and 8 MIDI Outs, with 8 independent, 3 position switches on the front of the unit select which input each of the 8 outputs is connected to.

3 MIDI ins / 8 MIDI outs Each of the 3 MIDI inputs is independently routed to each of the 8 MIDI outputs by way of 3 position front panel switches Power switch and power indicator LED Rugged, lightweight, aluminum construction Includes external 9 volt power supply Size: 1.35″ x 3.2″ x 8.4″ Weight: 12 oz