ICKB SO8 2.1 Track USB Sound Card (4th Gen)


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Professional Maker ICKB SO8 2.1 Track USB Sound Card for Singers.

The SO8 is a karaoke product that supports smartphone and computer.It has powerful functions, especially support two live platform at the same time. Built-in DSP sound chip will make sound more low distortion and stereo.

9-speed reverberation adjustment: The DSP chip is carefully adjusted by a
Belgian senior tuner to present a clear, smooth and natural reverb.
2. Stereo sound quality: digital audio transmission is only coding and transmission and conversion. The audio signal has no loss compared with analog technology. It has 
    low distortion, wide frequency response, good dynamics and high signal-to-noise ratio, which can achieve better sound quality.
Multi-function interface OTG synchronous charging: support side charging, digital stereo transmission.
Compatible with most audio devices: compatible with most mobile tablets, for iOS devices and mainstream Android phones.
The latest design: I CKB So8 new version, mobile phone broadcast dedicated digital portable sound card.

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