About Us


For 2 young yet ambitious guitar devotees, 31 January 1997 carves a memorable mark in their lives as they opened the doors of their music related business to the public. The passion for music and the desires to share the wonders and joys of music with the people had inspired Kuah Wei Chin and Low Kia Soon, both talented music-enthusiasts, to come up with “The Guitar Store”.

Holding on the motto, “Sales-Service-Training”, “The Guitar Store” is geared and prepared to give their best to the above. The Guitar Store defines “Sales” as to retail, and distribution of musical instruments particularly guitars. Apart from the local market, The Guitar Store aim to serve the outstation market through dealer channel as well. After-sales service is a equally important in this industry. The Guitar Store and Repair Department takes on the role of a “Clinic” for the musical instruments sold to its customers. “Ailing” instruments brought to the store shall be treated with the best remedy. In other words, shall try its best to attend to the problems of the instruments.The Guitar Store of Music is also responsible for giving the right kind of training and consultation for beginners and aspiring musicians on various kinds of musical instruments, especially guitars, drums & keyboard instruments. That asides, percussion and music theory and voice training courses also available for those interested. Students undergoing training at TGS are assured of achieving the best music knowledge and results as course coordinator & instructors are committed to giving their best to each of their students.

The Guitar Store occupies the Orange color corner shop offices beside the Cheras Leisure Mall (Starbuck Coffee). From a distance, one is able to catch sight of the kaleidoscope of guitars & drums neatly arranged by the glass windows.Approaching the interior, one is warmly greeted by a wood ambience – from the guitars to the sitting area and right down to the floorboards, all beautifully lit up by clever lighting and friendly faces.Incorporating a neat interior layout with minimalist elegance, The Guitar Store caters to the pyschographic needs of its target audience who love music, understand the glory of music and want to acquire the skills of music-making.

Within a very short period, The Guitar Store has earned its reputation as ” The Neighbourhood music store with a courteous service”. Through the hard work the TGS team and teacher, many student bands have been formed and more music lover find there way out to really enjoy their music journey together with good teacher guidance. The team aim to extend their services to serve more music lover in the local market, before penetrating to other related music scene.

1. Kuah Wei Chin (Director, Biz. Development), Dip. Mus MIA Graduated his music diploma at Malaysia Institute of Art in 1993, majoring in guitar and minor in keyboard instrument. Teaching music in Klang valley since 1990 and involved in music production and stage performing and served as a music consultant since 1994.

2. Low Kia Soon (Director), Dip. Mus MIA Graduated his music diploma at Malaysia Institute of Art in 1992, majoring in guitar and minor in cello. Teaching music in Klang valley and served as a guitar consultant since 1992.