Repair Services

Need To Preserve, Enchance, Service Or Repair Your Music Instrument?

Welcome to The Guitar Store Service and Repair department. Here, we offer various kinds of music instruments service and repair such as guitars, amplifiers, effects/gadgets, drums and percussion and even keyboards. Our much-experienced service technician is ready and committed for any instrument faulty tasks and we promised to deliver to our customer’s satisfaction in retaining the best result on the serviced or repaired product. Our general services include Restring and General Cleaning, Refret, Pickup and Electronic Installation. If you do have queries, talk to us and we are here to solve your product’s problem. There’s nothing that couldn’t be solved when there’s a will, there’s a way. Thank You for choosing us.

Servicing Category

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ItemService Fee
A GuitarRM 20
E GuitarRM 20
B GuitarRM 30
C GuitarRM 30
FR GuitarRM 30
UkeleleRM 20
Violin/CelloRM 30
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ItemService Fee
Output JackFrom RM35
From RM50
Selector SwitchFrom RM50
Pot replaceFrom RM45
Coil Tap SwitchFrom RM50
A Pickup ReplaceFrom RM90
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ItemService Fee
A GuitarRM 120
E GuitarRM 180
FB GuitarRM 220
FR GuitarRM 250
LevelingFrom RM 300
Setup & LevelFrom RM 400
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ItemService Fee
Replace 1RM 10
Replace allRM 45
With modificationRM 65
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ItemService Fee
Deep cleaningRM 50
Strap buttonRM 10
Custom NutFrom RM 120
Custom SaddleFrom RM 90
DiagnosticRefundable RM 35

Other modification/repair job quotations ARE AVAILABLE upon request.
All price(s) above are subject to change without prior notice and were updated on 13 December 2o21.