Skysonic PRO-1 Acoustic Guitar Pickup

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The Pro-1 features a magnetic, dual coil sound hole mounted pickup coupled with a built in active microphone and soundboard piezo transducer pickup.

A phase switch has been placed on the underside of the pickup allowing for more tonal variation and a mono/stereo allows for stereo breakout to a mixer and separation of the sound hole and piezo pickups. This feature is perfect for percussive finger stylist looking to utilize the soundboard as part of their style while remaining in mono keeps a more universal fit. Easy or mountable installation. Up to 46 hours of continuous battery life.

– Excellent bass mid-range response & gentle acoustic tone.
– Avilable for 3 11/16″ and 4 1/8″(94-105mm) diameter soundhole.
– With AST, suitable for tapping and who digs the acoustic natural tone.
– Shock-adsorbing foam lines the inside edges of both mounting brackets.
– Easy to install and remove.

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