DiMarzio PAF Pro (DP151FBK) Electric Guitar Pickup


The DiMarzio PAF Pro humbucking pickup combines a very open sound with plenty of presence, making it great for a wide range of styles and genres. Whether you’re plugging straight into your amp and cranking up or creating carefully crafted sounds by running through processors or pedals, the PAF Pro works great. Now available at Music Bliss, this pickup features Alnico 5 magnets and 4-conductor wiring, and its slightly restrained output makes it work well within dual- or multiple-pickup configurations. This model is F-spaced for Floyd Rose-equipped guitars. Call your Music Bliss Sales Engineer today and find out more about the PAF Pro.

  • Color : Black
  • Wiring : 4-conductor
  • Magnets : Alnico 5
  • Output : 300
  • DC Resistance : 8.4
  • F-spacing
  • Tone Guide : Treble – 6; Mid – 5; Bass – 5
  • Type : Humbucker
  • Active/Passive : Passive
  • Magnet Material : Alnico
  • Position : Bridge, Neck
  • Number of Conductors : 4
  • Number of Strings : 6
  • Covering : Uncovered

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