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Fender V-Mod Stratocaster 3-Piece Single Coil Pickup Set


Sold Out!

Noted pickup guru Tim Shaw engineered Fender V-Mod Strat pickups using a proprietary blend of alnico magnet types. Voiced specifically for neck, middle, and bridge positions and meticulously designed for premium tone that appeals to modern guitarists, the pickups in this set are calibrated for optimum performance, whether used alone or combined.

To bring out the tonal nuance and full musicality of V-Mod pickups, Fender leveraged the inherent characteristics of various alnico formulations to create the best blend and balance, all along the neck, and in any switch position. In the neck pickup, alnico 2 under the bass strings, combined with alnico 3 magnets under the treble strings provide the richness and clarity you expect from the neck pickup. With alnico 2 magnets on the bass side and alnico 5 on the treble side, the reverse-wound/reverse-polarity (RWRP) middle pickup cancels hum when used in positions 2 or 4. The bridge pickup is powered exclusively by alnico 5 magnets. Each pickup delivers the distinctive crisp, clear Stratocaster tone, infused with vintage-style warmth.

Tech Specs:

  • Type:Single-coil
  • Active/Passive:Passive
  • Magnet Material:Alnico II, III, V
  • Position:Bridge, Middle, Neck
  • Number of Conductors:1 wire plus shield
  • DC Resistance:6.7k (bridge), 6.7k (middle), 6.4k (neck)
  • Number of Strings:6
  • Covering:Aged White, Covered

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