Seymour Duncan STHR-1b Hot Rails Bridge Tele Single Coil Pickup

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Designed to boost the output of your Tele, the STHR-1 Hot Rails is a high output single-coil sized humbucker. This rails-style pickup is a direct replacement for an existing Tele pickup and uses a ceramic magnet and overwound coils to provide a heavy distorted sound with excellent sustain. The STHR-1 boasts a chunky midrange, letting your Tele really cut through the mix. If you’re looking to augment your Tele tone with something a bit more on the rude side, drop in an STHR-1 Hot Rails and start rocking!

Seymour Duncan STHR-1 Hot Rails at a Glance:

  • Sound
  • Complete setup

The STHR-1 Hot Rails is a high output single-coil size rails humbucker that’s great for classic rock, garage, punk, heavy rock, thrash, classic metal, and nu-metal. It delivers a fat, full sound with incredible output. The powerful ceramic magnet, two steel blades, and overwound coils all combine to provide a heavy, raw, distorted tone with incredible sustain. Compared to the Little ’59, Hot Rails has more output and a chunkier midrange. The STHR-1 comes only in black with four-conductor cable.

Complete setup
Available in lead (bridge) position only, the STHR-1 matches up well with a Vintage Rhythm Stack for a totally quiet rig or with a Hot Rhythm for an all around hot axe. The STHR-1 is for all well-balanced instruments and works equally well with maple and rosewood fingerboards.

Seymour Duncan STHR-1 Hot Rails Features:

  • Single-coil sized humbucker
  • Color: black
  • High output
  • Ceramic magnet
  • 4-conductor wiring
  • Bridge position

    Tech Specs:

    • Type:Humbucker
    • Active/Passive:Passive
    • Magnet Material:Ceramic
    • Position:Bridge
    • Number of Conductors:4
    • Number of Strings:6
    • Covering:Covered

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