MusicNomad 3-piece Premium String Care Kit


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Strings are the heartbeat of your guitar’s tone, vibrating the tonal magic of whatever you play, be it chords or lead. Keeping your strings in good condition prolongs their lifespan and maintains their resonance. Music Nomad’s 3-piece Premium String Care Kit contains three popular items that provide care to your strings: String Fuel, a wide applicator, and a premium suede microfiber cloth. With one swipe, the wide applicator applies the String Fuel to your strings evenly and easily, cleaning and lubricating them for better tone and response. A blend of naturally occurring oils, String Fuel enhances the response, feel, and playability of your strings, making chording and lead playing easier and leaving your fingertips happy. Finally, the String Care Kit comes with a lint-free 6″ x 6″ microfiber cloth that is great for wiping dust and grime from your strings after each use.

Music Nomad 3-piece Premium String Care Kit Features:

  • 0.5 oz. bottle of String Fuel helps your strings last longer and play faster
  • No-mess wide applicator covers the width of your strings perfectly for easy application
  • Lint-free 6″ x 6″ microfiber cloth — great for removing dust and grime
  • Helps reduce finger noise and enhance speed
  • Quick, easy way to clean and lubricate your strings

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