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MusicNomad String Fuel Cleaner & Lubricant


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If you’re the type of guitarist that simply changes your strings once they get a bit dirty, you may be amazed at how long they can actually perform if you clean them once in a while. MusicNomad’s String Fuel is an all-in-one guitar string cleaner and lubricant made from high-quality mineral oils. It’s easy to apply and will make your strings last longer, sound better and play faster. Guitarists at Music Bliss have also noticed it helps reduce finger squeaks during recording sessions. You’ll be a believer in cleaning your guitar strings once you try MusicNomad’s String Fuel!

  • Cleaner and lubricant for acoustic and electric guitar strings
  • Safely removes dirt and gunk from your guitar strings
  • Helps reduce finger noise and squeaks
  • Easy to apply with a large applicator that cleans all strings at once
  • Lint-free microfiber cloth included

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