Nomad NGS2123 Guitar Floor Stand


The NOMAD NGS-2123 Guitar stand is made of sturdy tubular steel, features a folding padded yoke and cradle, and folds up quickly for easy transport Tubular Guitar Stand with Safety Guard with Folding Yoke. Padded Non-Slip yoke and cradle. Folds quickly for easy transport.

-Simple solution for acoustic & electric guitars or basses
-Foldable YOKE with Safety Guard -All metal design
-Cradle parts with soft rubber protect your instruments
-Rubber will NOT damage or discolor guitar finish
-Height adjustable: 68cm ~82cm
-Wider base for increased stability

-Brand: Nomad Stands
-Item Weight:1.03 Kg
-Product Dimensions: 53.3 x 10.2 x 20.3 cm

Additional information

Weight 1 kg