D’addario EZ890 85/15 Bronze Super Light Acoustic Guitar Strings (Daddario)

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The D’Addario EZ890 85/15 Bronze Acoustic Strings combine 80/20 bronze with the longer life characteristics of Phosphor Bronze, delivering a bright tone that accommodates a variety of musical styles. The 85/15 Bronze wrap wire is precision wound onto a carefully drawn, hexagonally shaped high carbon steel core, resulting in long lasting, bright sounding tone with excellent intonation, perfect for any level of acoustic player.


  • Lightest Gauge of Acoustic Strings Provide Minimal Tension
  • Bright Acoustic Tone is Ideal for All musical styles
  • Long Lasting for Fewer String Changes
  • Made in the U.S.A. for the Highest Quality and Performance
  • Plain Steel .009, .012, .015,Bronze Wound .025, .035, .045

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