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Savarez 540R Alliance HT Classic (Normal Tension) Classical Guitar Strings


Sold Out!

Savarez 540R Alliance HT Classic Normal Tension Classical Guitar Strings (Made in France)
Made in France, since 1770

Alliance Trebles & HT Classic Basses set
Long life and smooth feel

Reduced left hand noise

Normal Tension set

Alliance Trebles : E1 – B2 – G3

Fluorocarbon trebles

Worldwide success since their creation in 1990

The reference string in terms of innovation and quality

ALLIANCE Fluorocarbon thinner strings offers a clear sound all over the treble strings

Authorise nuances and colours, remain clear on the very high positions

Perfectly true in tone, extended life

HT Classic Basses : D4 – A5 – E6

Wound on nylon

Stiffer and brilliant powerful sound

Large overtones spectrum

Offer consistant resistance under fingers for a fast response and an easy control

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