Lr Baggs Five.O Undersaddle Ukulele Pickup


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With the LR Baggs FIVE.O undersaddle ukulele pickup system, you can plug in your ukulele with confidence. The FIVE.O pickup is specially voiced for your ukulele’s tonal and dynamic range, so you get a very natural sound. And it’s small and lightweight, so you’ll barely notice it’s in your uke. For a beautiful amplified ukulele tone, put the LR Baggs FIVE.O undersaddle pickup in your ukulele.

LR Baggs FIVE.O Undersaddle Ukulele Pickup System at a Glance:

  • Natural amplified sound
  • Conveniently small size
  • Easy-access volume control

    LR Baggs is recognized as a leader in acoustic amplification, and it’s apparent in the FIVE.O pickup system. The FIVE.O system has been voiced specifically to the unique frequency range of the ukulele, so you hear your instrument as it should sound. And the sensitivity of the system is designed for optimum response with the dynamic range of your ukulele, so every nuance of your playing shines through.

    Conveniently small size

    The FIVE.O undersaddle pickup system fits neatly into your ukulele, thanks to its small size – in fact, the largest component is the high-quality endpin jack. And the whole system weighs less than a 9V battery, so your ukulele won’t be noticeably heavier with this system in place.

    Easy-access volume control

    The small size of the FIVE.O system doesn’t leave you without a volume control – it’s made to be accessed easily through your ukulele’s soundhole.

    LR Baggs FIVE.O Undersaddle Ukulele Pickup System Features:

    • Undersaddle pickup/preamp system, specifically voiced to the ukulele’s tonal range
    • Sensitivity is optimized for the dynamic range of the ukulele, so your nuances are heard
    • Entire system weighs less than a 9V battery
    • Powered by a single 3V coin-cell battery
    • Easy-access soundhole volume control
    • Battery life: 300 hours

      Tech Specs:

      • Instrument:Ukulele
      • Type:Piezo
      • Position:Undersaddle – Narrow format
      • Active/Passive:Active (3V coin-cell battery)
      • Manufacturer Part Number:Five.O

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