AER Alpha 40W Acoustic Amplifier

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Product Description

Size doesn’t matter. Shorty knows his way! Actually not the first system the Alpha defines the starting point of serious acoustic amplification at AER. Based on the success and the experience with the Compact 60 AER have developed a even smaller lightweight model that has no difficulties living up to the rigors of the road.Reduced to the max, along with the AER typical quality standards – without renunciation of what is essential for superb performance – the Alpha is a full size member of the AER product family.Open sounding and quick in response this amp masters different ranges and is thus not afraid of bigger instruments.

The AER Alpha acoustic guitar amplifier is open sounding and quick in response plus it masters different ranges. A professional, powerful and compact amplifier system for acoustic instruments that delivers a transparent and self-asserting sound performance. Two individual inputs on one channel allow parallel use of instrument and microphone even though the instrument is the main focus. Dynamic controlled 40 Watts and the 8 inch twin-cone speaker system give perfect performance at all sound pressure levels.To transport your AER Alpha amplifier, a padded gig bag is included.


The AER Alpha has an integrated (internal) digital reverb effect on board. The return control determines the intensity of the effect (as far to the left as possible means no effect). Furthermore, a supplementary effect device can be connected (external effect). For this purpose, use the sockets send and return at the rear of Alpha to connect the external device (send to the input, return from the output of the external effect). The intensity will then be set by the controls of external effect device. A standard double foot switch can be connected to the footswitch socket on the rear of the amp with a stereo cable. This switch can be used to turn the internal and external effects on and off.The size may be small but the Alpha delivers your sound for a superb performance.


Input one: XLR Combo
Line: unbalanced, 1 MEG, mic: balanced, 600 Ohm, Voice filter 300 Hz
Input two: line: unbalanced, 2.2 MEG, pad: -10dBV, eff.return: -10dBV/10k
Outputs: line: 0dBV, DI: -20dBV, send: -10dBVFoot switch tip: built in effect, ring: external effect, sleeve: ground
EQ: bass: ±8 dB/100 Hz, middle: ±3 dB/550 Hz, treble: ±11 dB/ 10 kHz
Analog signal processor: limiter, subsonic filter and enhancer
Effect: digital reverbpower amp: power consumption – 220-240 V / 50-60Hz / 55 VA (110V / 50-60Hz)
Rating: 40 Watt / 4 ohm RMS
Mains Fuse: 1 A slow
Speaker: 8″ twin-cone speaker-system (96 dB 1w/1m, freq. range 60Hz-18kHz)
Cabinet: 0.47″ (12 mm) birch plywood
Dimension: 10.24′ (260 mm) high, 10.43′ (265 mm) wide, 9.25′ (235 mm) deep
Finish: water based acrylic, black spatter finish
Weight: 14.33 (6.5 kg)
*** 0dB/V ~ 1V
*** specifications and appearance subject to change without notice

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