Roland GA-112 100-Watt Modeling Combo Amplifier (B-Stock)

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Unlike typical modeling amps, the Roland GA-112 1 x 12″ guitar combo amplifier is designed to let you create your own unique tube amplifier tones, rather than to call up the sound of classic vintage amp models. It does this by implementing Roland’s COSM technology to model components that you can tweak to taste. All of the GA-112’s controls are straightforward, making it incredibly easy dial in the perfect sound.

Easily one of the coolest things about Roland’s GA-112 modeling guitar amplifier is its Progressive Amp model. This one amazing COSM guitar amplifier model lets you twist the DRIVE knob, hit the BOOST button, and take a tour across the GA-112’s sonic landscape, taking you from absolute sparkling clean to extreme drive and distortion. If you want a freakish range of tone from a single amp model, this is it!

No more shifting through menu after menu for the perfect amp model. Using just a pair of volume knobs, three tone knobs, a presence control, and a reverb effect section, your GA-112 lets you dial in a massive range of tones. Just grab a knob, start tweaking, and let your ears tell you when you’ve found the right sound. When you’re plugged into a Roland GA-112, you’ll never have to hunt around for the right tone again.

What’s the point of having digital settings recall if saving your tones is a pain? That’s why Roland gave the GA-112 an extremely intuitive Smart Channel feature, which automatically saves your most recent settings for instant recall. In fact, the GA-112’s Smart Channel gives you access to four settings for each of the GA-112’s controls, making it easy to come up with new sounds and save the ones you like. Add to that rings of LEDs for each knob, and you’ll never have to wonder about the positions of your parameters either. That’s a real lifesaver when you take your GA-112 combo guitar amplifier onstage.

Roland GA-112 Guitar Combo Amplifier Features:
An amazing-sounding modeling guitar combo amplifier with a massive range of tone
100-watt solid-state amplifier behind a custom 12″ speaker provides you with plenty of output for small and midsize venues
Uses Roland’s COSM technology to create originally voiced amplifier sounds with tube-style expression and response
Delivers boutique tube tone with the advantages of digital processing, including settings recall, low noise operation, and more
Progressive Amp modeling lets you dial in a wide range of tones within a single amp model, all the way from pristine to over-the-top distortion
Simple controls (2 x volume knobs, 3 x tone knobs, 1 x presence control, and 1 x reverb effects section) make dialing in the perfect tone easy
Roland’s Smart Channel feature automatically saves your latest changes to your panel settings for instant recall
Smart Channel allows you to recall one of four saved settings for all controls with a single button push
Glowing LED knobs clearly indicate the positions of each parameter for the four memories, letting you easily check your current settings onstage

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