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Cioks 4 Adapter Kit


Sold Out!

Cioks 4 Adapter Kit, professional advanced ultra-compact multi-output expander power supply for effect pedals, 1-inch profile (25,4mm) like Cioks DC7, ultra-low noise by multistage filtering, 4 isolated DC-outlets (6W each), 4 selectable voltages on each outlet (Outlet 1-4: 9V DC / 660mA or 12V DC / 500mA or 15V DC / 400mA or 18V DC / 330mA each), 5V USB C input for powering the unit with a powerbank or USB C adapter, non-polarized DC input socket which accepts anything from 9-24V DC or 9-12V AC, included 24V AC adapter (110-240V universal mains), included mounting hardware for 24V AC adapter, global overload status LED, mounting hardware for Pedaltrain and Templeaudio boards included, 5 Flex cables included (2x 1030, 2x 1050, 1x 1533, power up to 6 pedals with the included Flex cables), weight: 230gram, dimension: 74x88x25,4mm. Total output power is max. 24W provided appropriate and sufficient input power source is applied. Full output power can be achieved when a 24V source with min. 30W of power capability is applied (e.g Cioks7)

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