AMT TC-1 Tubecake 1.5W Power Amplifier


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Features overview

The AMT Tube Cake Amplifier Series pedals were designed to emulate the warm, tight, punchy sound of tube power amplifiers; but without the drawbacks such as high cost, large size, heavy weight, and the need for periodic expensive tube replacement. Save hundreds and thousands of dollars, and compact your rig with one of the Tube Cake pedal power amplifiers.

These are amazing, small, compact units that will find a spot directly on your pedal board. Also, your dream of running stereo heads can now be a reality at a fraction of the cost. Many guitarits are running dual Tube Cakes as their main rig.

The most prominent features which make the sound of tube amplifiers so popular, have been thoroughly implemented into the design of the Tube Cake series by the engineers here at AMT.

TC-1 Tube Cake 1.5 Watt version is the perfect small amplifier for situations where a loaded, low natural push is desired. Similar to small classic blues, jazz, and vintage tube combo amplifiers.

Tech talk

Whille creating a lightweight and compact TUBE CAKE TC-1 amplifier, AMT focused primarily on implementing the basic features of a tube amp using semiconductor component base but without the drawbacks such as high cost, large size and weight, and the need for periodic tube replacement (up to 2 – times a year).

The most prominent features, which make the sound of tube amplifiers so peculiar have been thoroughly implemented by the engineers of the company in the TUBE CAKE TC-1.

Output impedance of the TUBE CAKE TC-1 is comparable with the load. Such an output resistance in combination with the impedance of a frequency-dependent guitar speaker, shapes the “correct” guitar amplifier frequency response.
TUBE CAKE TC-1 has a smooth transition from the linear mode to chopping with domination of low serial number harmonics in the spectrum.
Despite its relatively low power TUBE CAKE TC-1 has a large dynamic range, since the chopping, like in fully powered tube amps, is not so noticeable.

Such an amplifier can be used in cases where great volume is not necesary, but you need a specific extra load, peculiar to vacuum tube amplifier: for home practicing, guitar recording at home and playing in small clubs.

TUBE CAKE TC-1 can fulfill this task with nice sound loading and keeping it natural.


VOLUME controls the overall db sound level output of the amplifier.
PRESENCE adjusts the amount of “clarity” or “attack” of the amplifier.
DEPTH adjusts the amount of low frequency resonance of the amplifier.


12V DC voltage required at 350mA power consumption.
Cabinet output rating at 8 Ohm.
1.5 Watts of amplification power

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