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Visual Sound Route 66 Overdrive Compressor Effect Pedal

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The V3 Route 66 American Overdrive is an update on the original Route 66, but it comes with revamped circuitry and some new optionality. The pedal is a dual footswitch overdrive pedal with one side serving as the overdrive option and the other side serving as a compressor, so users have the ability to stack and combine providing a variety of compressed overdriven tones. A lot of the emphasis in this version update seems to be on bolstering the quality of the compressor as well as adding functionality. They made strides on allowing the overdrive side to serve as a true clean boost. Finally, the company makes a point to highlight that their overdrive pedal is particularly solid as a bass effect as it is as a guitar effect.

Visual Sound has completely re-invented the Route 66 pedal with the new V3 Series version. All new circuitry takes the best tones of previous versions and makes them even better, with far more versatility.


    • Completely re-invented Route 66 pedal, with new circuitry.
    • Compression and Overdrive in one box. Use together or separately.
    • Compression Clean Mix knob allows varying degrees of compression mixed with dry signal, and the ability to be used as a clean boost.
    • Same Comp, Tone (with on/off switch) and Volume knobs as previous Route 66 pedals.
    • Redesigned, quieter compression with more subtle noise gate circuit.
    • New overdrive channel based on the Reverend/GarageTone Drivetrain pedal, but with Clean Mix and Voice controls.
    • Overdrive Clean Mix knob allows for various blends of overdrive and dry signal, including all drive or all clean boost.
    • Voice switch chooses between bright and open, or more saturated overdrive.
    • Separate Bass and Treble knobs.
    • The V3 Route 66 sounds equally great with guitar or bass, and even with keyboards and other instruments!

V3 Series common attributes:

  • Each channel can be set to either True Bypass mode or buffered, via internal switches. The buffered mode utilizes Visual Sound’s Pure Tone circuit.
  • Features the custom designed Forever Footswitch rated for 10 million hits. This interacts with relays having gold-plated contacts.
  • Lifetime Warranty… even for second or third owners.
  • Separate inputs and outputs so each side of the pedal can be used in a loop device, or midi switcher. Also possible to reverse the order of effects with a patch cable. Just like having 2 pedals, but in 1 housing.
  • Small, pedal board friendly size, with front mounted jacks. Smaller footprint than 2 MXR or similar sized pedals.
  • Comes in a black velvet bag inside the package box.

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