Visual Sound Truetone Warped Distortion Effect Pedal


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Truetone (formerly Visual Sound) has partnered with the Warped Tour to create a limited edition guitar effect pedal, the Vans Warped Distortion. With appropriately named knobs like Grind, Edge, and Loud (translation: Drive, Tone, Volume…), the Vans Warped Distortion is totally geared towards Warped Tour inspired guitarists. With grinding low-end distortion, it will make you just want to turn all the knobs to “10” and let it rip. Truetone (formerly Visual Sound) has put all the road-tested features of their renowned V2 Series pedals into the Warped Distortion, so you won’t ever have to worry about it dying on you in the middle of a gig.

The staff of Vans and the Warped Tour were stoked when Truetone (formerly Visual Sound) brought this pedal to them. So many bands on the Warped Tour use Truetone (formerly Visual Sound) products, so it was a natural fit. As a result, Truetone (formerly Visual Sound) has been authorized to produce only 500 of the Vans Warped Distortion pedals. The pedal looks and sounds amazing too, so get your’s while you can!

Controls Grind Knob, Edge Knob, Loud Knob
Connectors Input, Output
Power Supply 9V DV, 14mA

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