Hotone Skyline Chunk Distortion Pedal

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This One Is On Fire!

Small, red, and ready for crunchy chaos, the Hotone Skyline Chunk distortion pedal delivers paint-peeling British amp tones. Incredibly versatile, the Skyline Chunk allows you to dial in everything from light overdrive to high gain mayhem. Want more? Hit the HOT button and add a little extra boost and midrange to your sonic pandemonium. Besides that, the Skyline Chunk will add a unique look to your pedalboard, with its fire engine finish and transparent, LED-illuminated gain knob.

The Hotone Skyline Chunk Distortion Guitar Pedal at a Glance:

A brutal distortion with a tiny footprint
The Hotone Skyline Series – tiny and stylish
Hotone – design inspiration

A brutal distortion with a tiny footprint
The Hotone Skyline Chunk’s sound is based on the legendary high gain British amp tone everybody knows and loves. Crunchy, yet smooth and clear, the Skyline Chunk’s optimized classic Crunch circuit utilizes four diodes that were selected from thousands of models. The Skyline Chunk’s high gain tone never affects your string resolution when strumming and delivers a surprisingly quiet noise floor. Although the Skyline Chunk’s tone lends itself most easily to classic metal, you also may find it useful for punk and hard rock, as well as many other styles of music.

The Hotone Skyline Series – tiny and stylish
Less than two inches high, less than three inches long, and weighing in at less than 7 ounces, the Hotone Skyline Series of stompboxes offers a compact design, rugged build, and flexible tone. Encompassing a variety of effects including a looper, tuner, delay, octaver, tremolo, various overdrive and distortion effects, and more, all Skyline pedals have a durable zinc alloy outer cover, a transparent top knob that is lit up by two LED lights, and two other knobs that glow in the dark. Each pedal also has a button that gives you more tonal options. These pedals also have a metal bar to prevent you from accidentally moving the knobs with your foot when stomping on the footswitch. The Hotone Skyline Series delivers massive sound in a microscopic package!

Hotone – design inspiration
According to Hotone, their slogan is “Design Inspiration.” The company strives to create products that are centered around what is, what isn’t, and what can be made possible. Hotone endeavors to create products that the music world has always wanted but never before imagined possible. Hotone states that it’s one of their core values to challenge the limits of design. Hotone’s products are rugged, portable, and don’t compromise on tone.


The Hotone Skyline Chunk Distortion Guitar Pedal Features:

Zinc alloy outer cover provides ruggedness and durability
True bypass footswitch ensures a clean signal from guitar to amp
Transparent top knob and 2 small knobs allow easy access to features
Cool LED lights add style and mojo
Requires 9V DC negative center power supply, not included


Pedal Type Distortion
Inputs 1 x Instrument
Outputs 1 x 1/4″
Power Supply Included No
Height 1.73″
Width 1.73″
Depth 2.91″
Weight 0.42lbs


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