AMT GR-4 Guitar Switch Pedal


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Features overview

AMT GR-4 is a multifunctional floor passive guitar switchboard with microcontroller-based control ability. Organize your favourite pedals and preamps into 4 programmable loops and 1 non-programmable: with GR-4 you can engage one of the programmed combinations in one-touch!

AMT GR-4 architecture and features:

– 4 programmable loops and 1 non-programmable

– Fully passive sound path; the switching is done by means of high-quality relays

– Shut-off input buffer compensating the long guitar cable impact

– External tuner output

– Built-in power splitter allows to use one power adapter to feed a few more external pedals

2 modes of operation

– Fully programmable mode. Each 4 programs can be programmed with separate random combination of active loops

– Independent – under this mode each loop is switched on/off independently of the others by means of separate button.

AMT GR-4 dimension: metal housing – 260x115x45mm, rubber feets, outputs and knobs not counted.

AMT GR-4 power consumption 0,15-0,25A, depends on modes.

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