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Nux NDL-5 JTC Drum & Loop Pro (Dual Switch Looper Pedal)

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High-quality recording and large storage JTC Pro is an advanced pedal with simplified controls. This is a dual switch stop box pedal with 6 hours of recording capacity and 256 loop track memories. And the audio recording quality is 24-bit and 44.1 kHz sample rate. Dual-switching action loop and drum controls are separate, left foot switch (LOOP) controls recording and overdubbing, and start / stop plays the recorded loop tracks. It is also the TAP Tempo control, you can adjust the drum speed by pressing the left foot switch before recording a track. High quality drum sound: the smart drum fills the right foot switch (RHYTHM) controls the drum and adds drum fill during performance. The length of the drum fill is one measure (depends on 4/4 or 3/4 rhythms). When you press the RHYTHM button, the drum fill will start immediately and play until the end of the current bar. For example, if you press the switch on the third beat -> the drum fill length will be 2 beats only.


  • Optional drum sound enhancement
  • 24-bit audio quality, 6 hours of recording time, 256 memories.
  • Drums: 25 4/4 beats, 10 3/4 drum beats, 5 random beats. Drum tempo 40-240
  • 2 start modes, 3 stop modes, a trigger player, 2 recording loop switch modes, and overdue recording.
  • 3 output modes: guitar to L and drums to R, guitar and drums to R / L, guitar and drums to R and drums to L


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