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The BOSS Pocket GT amp & effects processor offers a new way to jam and learn online with your guitar. Connect it wirelessly to your phone or tablet to easily play along to YouTube lessons and backing tracks. With over 100 amps and effects at your fingertips, the Pocket GT offers premium sounds that are truly inspiring.

Pocket GT hardware provides the sound engine and audio connections; the BOSS Tone Studio app incorporates a streaming YouTube browser. Create song lists for quick recall, loop sections to nail difficult passages, and control playback—all on the same device. Use the Center Cancel switch to reduce the volume of vocals and guitar solos to focus on your playing—and feel like you’re part of the band.

Pocket GT comes with 99 user memories with ready-to-play sounds, but you can customize them or craft your own from scratch. Scroll through with a dedicated knob, tweak amp gain and effects levels and activate the built-in tuner with a quick press. Pocket GT uses the same sound engine as the GT-1 floor processor, which means you can exchange amp and effects setups over both devices.

You’re not limited to just YouTube, though. Wirelessly stream nearly any music app over Bluetooth and play along. Or use the aux-in jack to connect a non-Bluetooth music player, drum machine or other device.

Pocket GT functions as a Mac/Windows USB audio interface to record mix-ready guitar tracks in your DAW. For fresh sonic inspiration, you can find a wide selection of free patches to download at BOSS Tone Central.

  • Connect wirelessly to smartphone or tablet via BOSS Tone Studio app for iOS and Android
  • Interface with YouTube or other music apps to play along to lessons, songs and jam tracks
  • Over 100 amps and effects, 99 customizable user memories, built-in tuner
  • Center Cancel switch to reduce vocals and guitar levels in recorded songs
  • Works as a Mac/Windows USB recording interface
    • Bluetooth-ready
    • Aux-in jack to connect a non-Bluetooth music player, drum machine or other device
    • Share amp and effects setups with BOSS GT-1 floor processor

BOSS Pocket GT is a must-have companion that no guitar player should be without.


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