GLAB MAC-4.4 Midi Amp Controller

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G Lab (Guitar Laboratory) MIDI AMP CONTROLLER MAC-4.4 is an adaptor that enables to control (switch the channels, switch on/off other functions) amplifiers equipped with EXTERNAL SWITCHING or FOOTSWITCH inputs. MAC-4.4 should be controlled by a programmable MIDI controller (which enables to program and send chosen MIDI PROG CHANGE or CTRL CHANGE commands for any controller’s preset). Control output signals are lead to terminal strip that enables to connect up to eight JACK MONO plugs or cable connected to amp’s FOOTSWITCH INPUT.

Basic characteristics:

  • MIDI IN input and MIDI THRU output
  • four separated relay outputs to switch an amp’s channels, controlled on the “one of four” principle
  • four separated relay outputs to switch an amp’s functions, with independent controlling of each function
  • rotatable switch to set MIDI channel (1 to 16)
  • control commands select switches (Program Change and/or Control Change)
  • power supply mode switch (from 9V connector or by PHANTOM MIDI IN).

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