DBX 376 Tube Preamp Channel Strip (B-Stock)

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A tube channel strip with all essentials! The dbx 376 is an innovative approach to channel strip processors, coupling the latest in channel strip technology with the warm sound of a vacuum tube. What makes it so special? Beyond the quality features you’d expect from a professional channel strip processor – things like +48V phantom power, phase invert switch, selectable sampling rates, a large effect menu, and more — the dbx 376 also provides digital output capabilities on both AES/EBU and S/PDIF formats. Separate analog and digital controls are another highlight. An invaluable addition to your studio!

Features at a Glance:
200V tube plate voltage
selectable mic/line switch
+48V phantom power
3-band parametric EQ
Front panel instrument input
Drive meter LEDs
Threshold and De-esser meters
8-segment analog or digital meter
Type IV conversion system
Selectable sampling rates (96, 88.2, 48, 44.1kHz)
24, 20 and 16-bit word lengths
AES/EBU and S/PDIF digital outputs
Selectable dither and noise shaping algorithms
Word clock input and output

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