Cort Cut Craft LE Acoustic Guitar (Limited Edition)


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The thoroughly modern Cut Crafted Limited implements cutting-edge acoustic design concepts and ideas with traditional materials and old-world master craftsmanship for an acoustic-electric that defies categorization. Utilizing multi-scale 25.0”-25.5” scale length, a sound port on the side, body and cutaway bevel for improved comfort and the L.R. Baggs® M80 pickup, the Cut Craft Limited was specially designed and crafted for maximum performance with the fingerstyle players in mind.


With bell-like clarity over a broad sonic spectrum, the solid European spruce top’s transparent character is ideal for both sensitive fingerstyle playing and relaxed strumming techniques. The richness of ethereal overtones is the defining essence of this premium sought-after wood featured on this model.


Fitting for a Limited Edition, the back and sides are of Master Grade solid Myrtlewood for a bright yet smooth and warm sound. Clear and powerful, it emphasizes the high-mids for excellent articulation. Myrtlewood’s figuring gets better and better with higher grades and this model features the highest grade possible.


The specially placed sound port on the side of the body affects the Helmholtz properties of the body and enhances the dynamics and the treble of the acoustic tone. It also allows the player to better monitor the natural sound of the guitar during performance.

MULTI SCALE(25.0″-25.5″)

The multi-scale length conforms to how your hand moves up and down the neck so that your wrists and fingers naturally follow the layout of the frets as you move from the low to the high register of the fingerboard.

L.R.Baggs® M80

Developed specifically with the fingerstyle players in mind, the M80 pickup’s superb sensitivity captures all the nuances of string vibrations and the body’s acoustic resonance.


The bevels were meticulously laid out to not only provide comfort for your picking arm but to retain the acoustic properties of the body as the traditional cutaway compromises the tone.


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