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Cort Roselyn LE Limited Edition Full Solid Acoustic Guitar With Hardcase – Natural Glossy


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Inspired by arts and crafts of the 19th century Art Nouveau era, the Roselyn LE is a true masterpiece that incorporates both classic and modern aesthetics and guitar building techniques. It all started with a carefully crafted wooden inlay in the center of the guitar with a portrait of a young woman holding a rose, and the name Roselyn was born. Unique features such as an off-set sound hole on top and sound port on side, bevel cut on body arm rest, and elegant looking vine/flower mother-of-pearl inlay that branches out from the center inlay all contribute to the beauty and uniqueness of the Roselyn LE.

Solid Adirondack Spruce Top

For the Limited Edition models, only the highest grade woods (Master Grade) were used and Adirondack Spruce fits the bill with its strength and extreme dynamics and sensitivity. Even at full volume, you will still be able to hear smoothness in the tone without losing any definition.

Solid Rosewood Back & Sides

Rich and deep, warm yet punchy with an ideal sprinkling of sweet presence, rosewood imparts a big low-end with plenty of power and volume for use in any musical style.

Special Designed 
Rosette & Side Sound Port

The “Roselyn” inlay in the center is crafted in meticulous detail, and with the addition of vine and flowers m.o.p. inlay branching out into the dark ebony, the guitar almost looks like an artwork from 19th century. Instead of a conventional sound hole in the center of the body, an off-set sound hole is cut out in a seed shape to go along with the body outline. There is a second sound hole, a Sound Port, on the lower part of the side of the body which affects the Helmholtz properties of the body and enhances the dynamics and the treble of the acoustic tone. It also allows the player to better monitor the natural sound of the guitar during performance.

OM Cutaway Body

The OM’s compact size is ideal for players with a small body frame or seeking playing comfort. The bright and stronger high-midrange emphasis is more suited for fingerpicking than strumming which often requires more low-end. The Florentine cutaway on this model allows easy access to the high frets.

5pcs Mahogany & Walnut Neck

The 5-piece neck not only provides strength and stability but a strong and focused sound in conjunction with the body’s acoustic resonance.

Gotoh® 510Z Gold

Featuring an extremely precise 21:1 tuning ratio, these tuners feel solid and ultra-smooth at the same time. The elegant and streamlined knobs also reduce fatigue during the tuning process. You will feel the quality of these tuners the moment you start tuning the guitar.

L.R. Baggs® Anthem

The L.R. Baggs® Anthem pickup/preamp system delivers the pure acoustic vibrations of the instrument to the amplifier and PA without any coloration. Unneeded feedback can also be easily and effectively controlled through minimalistic controls that do not interfere with the look of the instrument.

Ebony Fingerboard

There are many types of woods that are used for fingerboard but no other compares to the jet-black beauty and slick smoothness of Ebony.

Ebony Bridge Pins

The high density of Ebony wood keeps the fundamental acoustic sound focused and tight with greater sonic projection than plastic, enhancing the transfer of the string vibrations throughout the soundboard top, body and the neck.


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