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Inspired by and derived from G290 FAT, the G290 Limited Edition was developed with an idea to explore the opposite side of G290 FAT. Same boutique design, session-style guitar concept with Voiced Tone VTH-77 humbucker set and hardware are kept but the body and neck wood has been switched to mahogany, and with the addition of ebony fingerboard the G290 LE is the tonal opposite of G290 FAT with warmer, thicker tones that is distinctive on guitars with mahogany body and neck.

7㎜ Flamed Maple Top on African Mahogany Body

Maple top on mahogany body has been one of the most well-known, well-used classic wood combination that simply cannot be beat: thick, cutting, warm, rich, full and sweet. Beautiful ‘AAAA’ grade flamed maple top with new Lagoon Beach color simply makes the G290 LE a one-of-a-kind beauty.

African Mahogany Neck 
with Graphite Bar Reinforced

Mahogany necks add warmer tone to the overall sound of the guitar, and two graphite bars are inserted next to trussrod to reinforce the soft wood characteristics.

Ebony Fingerboard

There are many types of woods that are used for fingerboard but no other compares to the jet-black beauty and slick smoothness of Ebony.

Voiced Tone VTH-77 Pickup Set

Besides providing modern high output for today’s high-energy music, these new VTH-77 pickups also clean up nicely to get great classic rock and bluesy tones to cover a wide variety of musical genres and playing styles.

1 Volume & 1 Tone 
5 Way Switch

The 5-way switch is custom-wired to provide glassy and sparkling single-coil sounds in the 2nd and 4th positions as well as the full-bodied and powerful humbucker sounds in the bridge, middle and neck positions.

Cort® CFA-III Tremolo

This uncompromising tremolo system features stainless steel saddles, solid machined steel block, and steel baseplate to provide greatly improved sustain, faster and punchier pick attack and a more coherent and balanced fundamental tone.

Cort® Staggered 
Locking Machineheads

The deluxe locking machine heads offer precise and reliable tuning as well as easier and quicker string changes.

Compound Radius 
Fingerboard (12 -16”)

A deluxe feature for players who like to transition from easy chording on the low register to high-speed soloing and enhanced string-bending on the upper register, the compound radius facilitates easier playability so you can focus on your playing.

Stainless Steel Frets

Stainless steel frets boast excellent resistance to corrosion. The wide and tall fret-type offers a quick response, good articulation when playing chords and a clear tone when playing single notes.

Beveled Heel Joint 
and Enhanced Contour

Unlike the square-cut heel of traditional bolt-on guitars, the neck-body joint heel on the G290 LE is beveled for easier and smoother access to the frets in the high register of the fingerboard. Specially designed for G290 LE, the back contour has been noticeably enhanced for better ergonomics.


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