LAVA ME 2 Free Boost Pink Acoustic-Electro Travel Size Guitar (B-Stock)

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We believe that the future of guitar could be better than the pass. They should be lighter,easier. You don’t have to worry about the weather conditions. And of course it should has an excellent sound. This belief finally came true with the introduction of the LAVA ME 2.

Introducing the Breathe Net Honeycomb. The lightest soundboard we have ever created. Combining the strongest and most efficient mechanic structure with the acoustic simulation design. Each honeycomb has different height and thickness base on it’s mechanical function. The curved honeycomb structure keeps providing a sonorous and clear sound.

The AirSonic carbon fiber has a new breakthrough. The Super AirSonic has the same weight as the AirSonic, but it’s 20% stronger which means it has a higher flexural modulus. This allows us to design and even lighter and thinner soundboard to produce a brighter, clearer sound.

The idea of a Flyneck is to design and build the most comfortable intuitive guitar neck possible. The geometric shape of the flyneck was designed by tracking the different forces of shifting positions while players are playing. We carefully remove or add materials on the neck profile to ensure the Flyneck would fit your playing without noticing it. 

The Plek PRO machine is the most advanced guitar fret machining system on the planet. It first scans the fretboard based on the strings tension with the accuracy up to 0.005mm, it then cuts the frets to the best possible action with the accuracy up to 0.01mm. Plek PRO assists the LAVA Me 2 to achieve the best playability. We have re-designed the neck structure and reinforced it with two ultra-stiff carbon fiber bars into the neck. This makes the Flyneck 300% stiffer than the previous generation. Your LAVA ME now is now not just easier to play, but also has a long lasting durability. 

LAVA first invented the one-piece injection moulded guitar LAVA ME in 2017. It has revolutionized the design, material and manufacturing of the guitars. This technology allows us to not only make the shape more comfortable to hold, but also significantly reduces the use of the glue, yet gives the LAVA ME an excellent acoustic performance. Woods are more likely to deform in different weather conditions. The Super AirSonic carbon fiber material could adapt the temperature from -20 degrees celsius to 90 degrees celsius. Humidity from 10% to 90%. No matter you are in the desert or polar area, the LAVA ME 2 always works for you. 

The all NEW FreeBoost technology on the L2 pickups uses the back on the LAVA ME as a speaker. Turn on the pickups anywhere anytime, you can freely play the reverb, delay and chorus without the amp. The L2 pickups now enables with percussion sound receiving mic. It enhances and enbellishes the percussion sound no matter with or without plugging in. 

The size of Ideal Bag 2 is now 20% smaller than the first generation. The inside of the Ideal Bag 2 fits the LAVA ME 2 seamlessly, it ensures the safety and stableness of the guitar.


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