Cioks SB15 Super Power Bundle Combo ( DC7 & Cioks 8 )


When you are building the ultimate pedal board you need the ultimate in flexible, powerful and reliable power supply and the combination of the CIOKS DC7 and the CIOKS C8e Expander is just what the doctor ordered. With this combo you get fifteen isolated outlets in total with four switchable voltages on each outlet and a USB outlet for your smartphone or tablet via DC7.

In order to make the options for where to place the DC7 and the CIOKS 8 on your board as flexible as possible, the Superpower Bundle includes two DC Link cables in different lengths so you can connect and mount both units on the same board or place the DC7 on one board and the CIOKS 8 Expander on a separate board if you use two.

To make the CIOKS Superpower Bundle as future-proof as possible you can expand the number of available outlets for your pedals by purchasing a CIOKS 4 Expander Kit or a separate CIOKS 8 Expander and connecting it to the 24V DC link outlet on the included CIOKS 8.


  • Both DC7 and CIOKS 8 Expander has a groundbreaking 1-inch profile (25,4mm)
  • Ultra-low noise achieved by multistage filtering
  • 7 isolated DC-outlets 6W each on CIOKS DC7
  • 8 isolated DC-outlets, 6W each on CIOKS 8 Expander
  • 660mA at 9V DC on each outlet on both CIOKS DC7 and CIOKS 8
  • 4 selectable voltages on each outlet on both CIOKS DC7 and CIOKS 8
  • 5V USB-Output for max. 1 A
  • 24V DC auxiliary outlet with max. 2A
  • Three LED power meter showing the total load of both power supplies
  • Can be expanded upon by adding a separate CIOKS 4 Expander Kit or CIOKS 8 Expander
  • Total maximum output power from the 15 DC outlets is 42W
  • Mounting hardware for Pedaltrain and Temple Audio boards included
  • Compatible with CIOKS GRIP for drill-free mounting on Pedaltrain boards*
  • 24 Flex cables included
  • Designed in Denmark, assembled in Poland
  • 5-year worldwide warranty


  • Outlet 1-7 on DC7 and 1-8 on CIOKS 8, total of 15 outlets

9V DC / 660mA or
12V DC / 500mA or
15V DC / 400mA or
18V DC / 330mA each

  • 5V USB / 1A on CIOKS DC7
  • 24V DC link on CIOKS 8

    Both FLEX cables and DC Link cables included.

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Weight 1 kg