D’addario Planet Waves Micro Fiber Polishing Cloth (Daddario)


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This D’Addario Micro-fiber polish cloth is a great way to keep your instruments gleaming and dust-free. The micro-fiber material is 10 times finer than silk and 30 times finer than cotton, allowing it to capture more dust and grime than most polish cloths. It’s like a magnet for dirt and oils, so you’ll get great results even if you don’t use any polish! Treat your instruments to a dust- and oil-free existence with the Planted Waves Micro-fiber polish cloth.

D’Addario Micro-fiber Polishing Cloth Features:

  • Cloth for bringing a like-new shine to your guitar
  • Keeps your instrument dust free
  • Micro-fiber material is 10 times finer than silk
  • Can be used without polish

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