Peavey Ecoustic E110 100w


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Your All-in-one Acoustic PA to Go!

Pack your acoustic guitar, your Peavey E110 Ecoustic series amplifier, and your favorite microphone, and you’re ready for the show. More than a fantastic acoustic guitar amplifier, the Peavey Ecoustic E110 amplifier is a complete portable PA system that packs enough punch for any typical gig. Plug your acoustic guitar into channel one on the E110’s, and use the 9-band graphic equalizer to tune your tone to the room. A phase-invert switch and a sweepable notch filter let you easily tame any feedback issues. The high-quality microphone preamplifier on channel two is perfect for your mic, and three amazing studio-style effects let you add a touch of magic to the Peavey E110 amplifier’s sound.

Peavey Ecoustic E110 Acoustic Guitar Amplifier/Portable PA System at a Glance:

Your complete grab-it-and-go PA rig
Amazing onboard effects
Add an E300 foot controller for even more options


Your complete grab-it-and-go PA rig
The simple fact is that many clubs and coffee houses have seriously inadequate sound systems or none at all. For solo gigs and moderate sized shows, the Peavy E110 Ecoustic series amplifier is all you need. The E110 gives you both a highly flexible guitar input, plus a quality microphone preamplifier. And with 100 watts of full-range amplification, the E110 can easily cover most midsize rooms.

Amazing onboard effects

Want to add a touch of delay to your vocals? How about chorus or reverb on your guitar? Or maybe the other way around? No problem. Not only did Peavy give the E110 acoustic guitar amplifier a full compliment of effects, they made them completely flexible. There’s even a tap tempo button on the face of the E110, so you can set the timing of your effects perfectly.

Add an E300 foot controller for even more options
The E110 acoustic guitar amplifier becomes even more impressive when you hook up Peavy’s optional E300 foot controller. This special, custom foot controller unlocks several of the E110’s deeper features. For instance, you can use it to toggle the tuner output or to switch between eight different effects presets. What’s more, the E300 gives you complete access to the E110’s 30-second looper, allowing you to take a creative new approach to songwriting and performing.

Peavey Ecoustic E110 Acoustic Guitar Amplifier/Portable PA System Features:

A complete portable acoustic guitar amplifier and PA system with excellent built-in effects and features
2 independent channels (both with XLR combo input jacks) let you plug in both your acoustic guitar and your microphone
100 watts of power drive a 10″ full-range loudspeaker with a high-frequency horn
Channel one features a 9-band graphic equalizer, plus a phase-inversion switch and a sweepable notch filter to eliminate feedback
Channel two includes a high-quality microphone preamplifier and a 2-band shelving equalizer
Built-in reverb, delay, and chorus effects let you add depth and dimension to your sound
Assign effects to either of the two input channels
Optional E300 foot controller lets you toggle the tuner/mute output, select from 8 different effects presets, an access the built-in 30-second looper

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