AER Compact XL Acoustic Amplifier

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Two-channel 200W combo amp with 2-way speaker system.

Based on our best-selling Compact 60 acoustic amp, the Compact XL is a beautiful-sounding powerhouse for those who need additional volume and a more defined tone, but who love the straightforwardness of the Compact 60. A discrete 200W power amp design delivers additional dynamic headroom, while the speaker configuration provides additional tonal range.


3- and 2-band EQ200W,
dynamic control2-way speaker system,
polypropylene and tweeter4 digital effects

The AER Compact XL: the top of the Compacts.

The AER Compact XL carries on the Compact tradition as a highly portable 2 channel acoustic amp. Yet the XL sports a muscular power section pushing a nominal 120 watts through a state-of-the-art 2-way speaker system with a 8″ (200 mm) cast frame low-midrange + a separate 1″ (25 mm) dome tweeter. When you seek the utmost acoustic accuracy, plenty of headroom, and phantom power capabilities, the AER Compact XL is a serious musical partner.

AER’s Compact 60 has pretty much written the rulebook when it comes to portable acoustic amplification. If you’re serious about your gigs, you probably have one, or have at least thought about investing.You come across these lil’ black cubes wherever you see professional working players in small bars and clubs – you’d be forgiven for thinking they hand them out when you join the Musician’s Union…

But take the 60-watt Compact 60 to a bigger gig where your drummer swaps brushes for sticks and you might be in trouble. Enter, then, the Compact XL – effectively a 200W version, but only marginally bigger and heavier.Housed in black splatter-finished 15mm birch ply cabinet, the XL is the same width as the 60, 60mm taller, 50mm deeper and 3kg (6.65lb) heavier. It comes, therefore, in a slightly bigger padded carry bag – it’s still compact, but is a heavier and chunkier proposition if you’re carrying it to a gig.The large carry handle is now placed on the side, with four large feet both opposite it and on the base, giving you placement versatility. That means the control strip, cited on the back edge, can either be vertical or horizontal.The control layout is identical to the Compact 60: dual channels, with input one being the instrument channel and sporting a single standard jack input, high/low sensitivity switch, gain with clip LED, colour preset (a low-mid cut/treble boost) and bass, mid and treble EQ.

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