Skysonic SC-25 Pro Mini Amplifier Battery Capacity 2200mAh (Introductory Price)

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– Rated power at 25Watt
– 5″ full-range speaker frequency
– Two input channels for Guitar and Microphone can be operated individually
– Bass, Middle and Treble can be adjusted individually
– Maintaining and combining Chorus and Reverb freely
– Internal recording available for your mobile and computer
– Built-in battery that can be used 4-6 hours continuously after fully charge
– Fits for Acoustic or Electric Guitar and Microphone

  Back Control Panel Function Description:
– Input of the Guitar: Plug with the guitar cable
– Input of the Mic: Plug with the microphone cable
– Aux In: For external audio input
– Charging Indicator: The light is RED when charging and BLUE after fully charged
– Turn off amp when charging and using only Type-C charger

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