NUX NFB-2 Lacerate Fet Boost GUITAR PEDAL

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The Lacerate FET Boost is a mini booster pedal with 2 boost modes: Clean mode and Crank mode.In Clean Mode, the pedal boosts the signal and increases the volume without any sound colourization. It is like a mirror image of your toneThe Crank mode, gives you a fat, grittier harmonically rich boost in your tone. This can be engaged by  just pressing and holding the footswitch for at leasst 1 second.Simply activate the pedal when you need  to boost your volume for playing solo parts and such. The pedal can be used before any drive/overdrive pedal in your signal chain as a Clean boost. This can also be placed anywhere on your pedal chain depending on your preference. You can also use the FET boost for a lower volume both in Clean Mode and Crank Mode. The Lacerate FET boost can be utilized to highlight some frequencies.

  • Doubling the voltage to 18V gives you better dynamic, but it also creates a better headroom buffer.
  • A lot of professional guitar players start their signal-chain with a stand-alone buffer. Lacerate has an embedded selectable buffer bypass
  • You can change the bypass mode by turning on the power while holding the footswitch.
  •  True Bypass / Buffer Bypass
  • 2 types of boost options (Clean & Crank)
  • Dual FET Circuit Design for the most tube-like tone in a transistor design

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