Swiff Audio M3 Wireless Microphone System


The Swiff Audio M3 wireless Microphone offers you a complete solution for voice recording for many applications such as: Youtube, interview, live streaming, speech, live performance and more.

– Suitable for DSLR cameras, PC, Laptop, iphones, andriod smartphone.
– The wireless microphone can transmit clear and stable signal, no drop out and signal loss at full range about 200
– Can support 6 -8 set use at same time( 1 transmitter to 1 receiver, not 1 TX to more RX) within space about 50
meters (160 ft).
– Utilizes 24bit/48KHz sample frequency and delivers full 20 Hz-20 kHz frequency response that transmit clear high
quality audio lossless digital signal, reproduce pure voice with low noise and latency (< 5ms) - Built-in lithium battery was supported by Japanese Seiko protected chip, safer and comes with larger capacity that can works last for 9 hours after fully charged.(No adapters)

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Weight 0.5 kg