Anuenue Music Travel Love Collaboration Series – MTL Clint Travel Size Guitar


MTL Clint used Sitka Spruce as a top, and Mahogany as a back and side wood.

Sitka Spruce-Sitka Spruce originates from North America, it’s also straight grained, light weight and strong. It can be slower to open up but is an extremely versatile as it offers an immense dynamic resonance in the high, mid and low ranges and works excellently for most music genres.

Mahogany-Quarter-sawn straight grain mahogany is light weight and hard, subsequently it delivers a fast tonal transfer, a bright and organic tone and the bass is on the warmer side.

aNueNue uses naturally air dried solid wood tops and are seasoned for years. Seasoned tops are stable, but does take time to open up and deliver a more beautiful transcendent overall tone. A solid top in comparison will possess a more complex timbre than a laminated top .

2021 all new design Acoustic Travel Series with “Sugita Sound Concept.” Design with Acoustic Future brace construction improve the string to string balance, resonance, sustain, and you can feel the chord harmony. Full size guitar sound built into a travel compact size guitar .

Rosewood soundhole binding is design for the elegant look. The Rosewood binding serve to protect the edges of the wood from impact.

Classic-headstock design made with a rosewood veneer in mother of pearl logo. The tuners with 1:18 Derjung gear ratio for precise tuning.

Ebony is a hard dense tone wood with silky smooth feeling. It’s a stable wood to be a fretboard, adds brightness to the tone, and faster attack. Ergonomic neck profile is design and allow easier grip, and neck access.

The frets are rounded and polish. Fretboard has MOP LOVE, Sun, Mountain, Palm tree, Fish inlays. Design with 44mm nut width. The 21-frets design allows for endless tonal possibilities.

Bridge / Saddle:
The ebony bridge helps support the string tension. The buffalo bone for the nut which is very hard and articulate. This helps the strings to vibrate and to have a deep resonance. The compensated saddle designed to provide the accurate intonation and produce the correctly pitched note .

The MTL Linen Gigbag is made of brown linen and is designed with a 20mm thick bag for extra protection. There is a front pocket for easy storage. There are also side handles and backpack straps for easy carrying.

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Weight 10 kg