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Casio Privia PX-S7000HM Digital Piano (Harmonious Mustard)


This model combines the integrated aesthetics with built-in pedals and stand that can be appreciated from any angle, with Casio’s innovative sound technologies and authentic touch of a grand piano.

Sold Out!

The PX-S7000 aims to redefine the concept of how we interact with pianos as part of our daily life via the latest cutting-edge technology. This is achieved by combining a modern, stylish design to compliment contemporary interior design. Enhanced sound performance and touch brings harmony between expression through plan and expression through design, allowing the piano to feel at home in any environment. Minimalist design that is synchronised with your surroundings and the latest original technology creates outstanding sound, touch and playability, combined with the experience cultivated over many years of painstakingly crafting instruments to create a new evolution in musical expression. Experience the boundless possibilities that will take your musical experience to a new level of quality and style.

Equipped with New Smart Hybrid Action Keyboard with counterweights on all keys.Greater dynamic expression is achieved through Casio’s dual sensor & digital processing technology.Spruce hybrid key construction.New Ebony & Ivory Textured key tops offer a more natural playing feel and prevents slippage from perspiration & sound of fingernail contact on the keytop surface.
Flagship Privia PX-S model complete with colour coordinated wooden stand with 3-pedal lyre assembly built-inUnique modern contemporary design with 3 colour options and grand piano-like polish finish (Harmonious Mustard, Black, White)New pedal design with dual stabilizers, wider pedal intervals (92mm) for better playability.Equipped with 2 x USB ports (types A & B) & WU-BT10 Wireless Adaptor for integration with Casio Music Space App
Dedicated full size jack line L&R outputs

4 Speaker Sound System – 4 x 8W full range speakersOuter speakers installed with Side Enhancing DiffuserIndependently changeable blending of inner & outer speaker level, mid/side balance & EQ processingSurround Effect – Extension of sound outwards on the outer speakers to create a virtual surround effect
Piano Position Function – 4 Sound Settings based on configuration/placement of the piano, ie: Wall, Table etc

Hall Simulator – 8 Types of Acoustic characteristics of world-famous concert halls & room structures.Reverb – 8 Types of Reverberation effects of various Rooms & Halls.Surround – 3 Types of Acoustic effect creates virtual surround sound experience.
88-key piano keyboard
Smart Hybrid Hammer Action Keyboard
Hybrid of wood and resin key material
Touch response: 5 sensitivity levels, off
Hammer Response: Yes (4 levels, off)
Key Off Response: Yes (3 levels)

String Resonance: Yes (10 levels, off)
Damper Resonance: Yes (10 levels, off)
Open String Resonance: Yes (10 levels, off)
Aliquot Resonance: Yes (10 levels, off)
Key Action Noise: Yes (4 levels, off)
Damper Noise: Yes (4 levels, off)

Sound Mode:
Hall Simulator/Reverb: Hall Simulator 8, Reverb 8
Surround: 3

Piano Position: 4 (Standard, Wall, Centre, Table)

DSP: Yes (Preset for some tones)

Microphone Effect: Yes (25 types)

Headphone Mode: Yes

App Connectivity: Casio Music Space
Piano Remote Controller: Yes

Bluetooth Feature:
Wireless MIDI & Audio Adaptor (WU-BT10) – included
Bluetooth Version 5.0
Audio: Profile: A2DP; Codec: SPC
MIDI: Profile: GATT (MIDI over Bluetooth Low Energy)

Audio Recorder / Playback:
USB Flash Drive: Yes
Internal Flash Memory: Yes

Controller (left of keyboard):
Pitch Bend Wheel: Yes
Knob: 2
Control Button: 1

Touch Buttons: 12 (Tone Category Buttons: 3)
Touch Ring
Registration: 96 setups (4 areas x 24 banks)
Auto Power Off

Display: Full-dot LCD with backlight

DAMPER PEDAL jack: For connection of the included fixed 3-pedal unit, selectable function (sustain (off, on), sostenuto (off, on), soft (off, on), arpeggio hold (off, on), play/stop, fill-in)

Off, 1 to 9 beats, tempo range: 20 to 255
Tempo Marking Setting: Yes
Guide Type: Metronome/Drum (20 patterns)

PHONES jacks: Stereo mini jacks (3.5mm) x 2
Power: 12V DC
AUDIO IN jack: Stereo mini jack (3.5mm)/ Input impedance: 10kΩ, Input voltage: 200mV LINE OUT R, L/MONO jacks: Standard jacks (6.3mm) x 2/ Output impedance: 2.3kΩ, Output voltage: 1.3V (RMS) MAX
USB port: Type B
USB flash drive port: Type A
DAMPER PEDAL jack: Standard jack (6.3mm)
EXPRESSION/ASSIGNABLE jack Standard jack (6.3mm)
PEDAL UNIT jack: Proprietary jack

Connector for 3-pedal unit: Yes (included fixed 3-pedal unit/SP-34 compatible)

Amp output: 8W + 8W
Speakers: [16cm x 8cm (oval)] x 2 + [16cm x 8cm (oval)] x 3

Batteries: 8x AA-size alkaline batteries
Battery Life: Approximately 2 hours continuous operation on alkaline batteries
Actual continuous operation time may be shorter due to battery type and performance type.
AC Adaptor: AD-E24250LW
Auto Power Off: Approximately four hours (under AC adaptor power) or six minutes (under battery power) after last operation, can be disabled.

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