LAVA ME 3 36″ Smart Acoustic Electric Guitar (Pink) With Space Case

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  • 【Smartguitar Reimagined】Features a 3.5 multi-touch display integrated with HILAVA OS. With the HILAVA OS and powerful built-in guitar apps, this carbon fiber acoustic guitar re-invents the way you create music. HILAVA OS supports Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and cloud syncing, allowing you to access your works easily across your LAVA ME 3 guitar and mobile phone.
  • 【Built-in Powerful Apps】All essential guitar tools in one place. The Effects app contains unique and customizable effects powered by advanced audio technology. The Loops app features diverse and constantly updated grooves that you can overdub up to 3 tracks. This smartguitar also includes tuner, metronome and recorder so that no extra equipment is needed.
  • 【Enhanced Acoustic Sound】Acoustic sound performance at a new level. With the new Honeycomb structure, AirSonic 2 carbon fiber, and 4-MASS technology, LAVA ME 3 carbon fiber guitar produces sound 20% deeper in bass and 30% longer in sustain. The guitar body is 30% stronger in shock resistance. The fretboard leveled by Plek Pro machine ensures ideal string action and playability.
  • 【LAVA+ Mobile App】An ideal community to socialize through music. LAVA+ is a buzzing online music community where you can connect with creators from all around the world. You can share works achieved on your LAVA guitar with friends and get inspiration for your practice and creation.
  • 【Package & Usage】What’s included: LAVA ME 3 guitar×1, Ideal Pick (Mix)×1, Space Charging Cable (USB-C)×1, User Manual×1, and polishing cloth×1. The guitar’s L3 smart preamp system has an optimized battery life of 2+ weeks on standby and up to 9 hours for playing. Playing time may vary according to how and where the guitar is used. It is recommended to charge LAVA ME 3 with Space Charging Dock, which can be purchased separately.

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Lava Music is certainly no stranger to producing eye-catching, forward-thinking acoustic guitars. In the past 24 months alone, the brand has produced the carbon-fiber Lava Me ProLava U ukulele and even a host of limited-edition Lava Me six-strings.

Now, the brand has unveiled its latest acoustic electric guitar, which promises to be its most advanced yet.

Meet the Lava Me 3 – an innovative development of the previous two Lava Me iterations that comes equipped with a touchscreen. Yes, you read that right: the Lava Me 3 features a three-and-a-half-inch multi-touch display that aims to “make guitar tools as intuitive as smartphones”.

To achieve this goal, the Lava Me 3 is loaded with the HILAVA operating system, which provides a wealth of applications that grant users easy access to tools such as a tuner, metronome, looper, a variety of effects and an audio recorder.

Notable apps include Effects – empowered by 50 audio algorithms – which lets users visually tweak a range of onboard sound effects, as well as Loops, which offers over 100 grooves of different genres that players can loop up to four tracks over.

Elsewhere, the Practice app offers five practice modes – chord transition, strumming, scale training, ear training and single note training – that each provide a detailed feedback report to document progress, supported by sound detection technology that identifies playing accuracy.

A tuner, metronome and recorder can be accessed via the touchscreen, while the Lava Me 3 also possesses connectivity powers that let users share their recordings to the Lava+ social media platform.

There have been some upgrades in the build department, too. The refined unibody carbon fiber acoustic has been treated to a revamped FreeBoost 2.0 accentuator, which works with the internal Honeycomb structure in a bid to provide boosted vibrations and a more pronounced low-end.

The accentuator is also paired with Lava Music’s 4-MASS technology, which is said to maintain harmonic resonance around the soundbox, thus contributing to a “clear, full and rich sound from the get-go”.

Available in 36-inch and 38-inch iterations, the Lava Me 3 sports a choice of White, Pink, Soft Gold, Blue, Red and Space Gray colorways, and comes equipped with a Plek machine-leveled HPL fretboard. Accessories include the Space Charging Dock, which also serves as a convenient guitar stand and an adjustable Ideal Strap 2 (both sold separately).

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Tuner, metronome, recorder. Essential tools all in one place. No more ambient noise, capture the crystal-clear sound of your playing.
Dynamically animated cover art brings music to life. Discover the story behind each sound effect. Choose one and listen.
Powered by our most advanced audio algorithms and the FreeBoost 2.0 technology, each effect is built to be exceptionally rich and unique.
With our sound detection technology, the Practice App senses the accuracy and stability of your playing and provides relevant guidance for improvement.
Multi-track Music on a Single Guitar. Overdub your own tracks and add favorite effects to give your song an extra kick. Jazz up your music just the way you love.

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