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Lava Me Pro Free Boost Pickup Acoustic Guitar With Ideal Bag Pro Black Gold


Sold Out!

Expanding upon design features from previous editions, LAVA MUSIC unveils the LAVA ME PRO, the instrument-maker’s most powerful guitar yet. The performance-oriented PRO allows for plenty of improvisation whether in the studio or on stage. Its unibody allows it to be light and easy to handle, and the expandable pre-amp system makes this ripe for plugging into a high-performing speaker set-up.

The LAVA ME PRO‘s entire configuration informs how the final acoustics sound. The unibody (crafted from a proprietary material called AirCarbon) references aviation design and uses honeycomb structuring to bring the overall weight down and the output volume up. Ultimately, this guitar weighs 25% less than a standard carbon fiber edition. Its final form—a combination of space-age designs and video game accessories, and an ergonomic upgrade from traditional models—looks appropriately futuristic, given its capabilities.

Embedded within are the tools needed to create effects without additional instruments, devices or applications. Intended to shed musicians of their reliance on pedalboards, the guitar has buttons and toggles for reverb, mix-control, chorus, delay and turbo modes. These settings—collectively referred to as the Freeboost system—can be toyed with until a desired sonic output is achieved, and easily replicated by returning to the mode, rather than a convoluted app or board. Turbo, for instance, amplifies the guitar by 50%, while Reverb turns the acoustic instrument into a glitzy bedroom-pop guitar.

The LAVA ME PRO’s body is also weatherproof in conditions up to 203 degrees Fahrenheit and its carry-case, made from “AirBuff,” acts as a defense system. Soft and elastic, when AirBuff is struck or dropped, a molecular-level reaction hardens and protects its contents.

Item Weight: 10.1KG
Product Dimensions: 40.6 x 4.4 x 15.3 inches


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