Casio XWJ1 VJ / DJ Controller For DJAY IOS Devices And PCs (B-Stock)

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The XW-J1 is an all-in-one VJ / DJ controller for mixing music and videos using the djay app for iTunes and the vjay video mixing app from Algoriddim GmbH.

An all-in-one VJ / DJ controller for iOS devices and PCs

The XW-J1 is an all-in-one VJ / DJ controller for mixing music and videos using the djay app for iTunes and the vjay video mixing app from Algoriddim GmbH. Take advantage of state-of-the-art features to mix and DJ music or create video mashups using songs and videos from your device libraries. Record your mixes and save them to your iTunes library and remix videos and create soundtracks using songs from your library.

Control djay for iPad, iPhone and Mac

Transform your Mac, iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch into a full-fledged DJ application using all your songs from iTunes, ready to rock your next party with unprecedented ease.

Control vjay for iPad and iPhone

Transform your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch into a mashup application for your music and videos.

The XW-J1 connects to a Mac with a USB cable or to an iPad, iPhone, or iPod device with a built-in 30-pin dock connector and features plug-and-play capability to instantly take control of the djay software or app. You’re ready to mix and scratch with no bothersome set-up procedure. The controller fully supports all djay platforms (Mac, iPod, iPad, iPhone) and seamlessly integrates with iTunes so you can mix music from your iTunes library.

Free Your Music

Perfect integration with your iTunes library

The XW-J1 and djay give you instant access to all your existing songs and playlists on your Mac, iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch using the familiar iTunes library screen.

Hands-on browsing

Browser navigation is directly integrated into the XW-J1. Selecting and replaying songs from an application or Mac library is as easy as pressing a single button on the XW-J1.

Easy in-track searching

The two Touch Strip controls enable you to search and access any point of a playing song without missing the beat.

Share your talent

Record your mix and directly save it to your iTunes library. Recorded mixes are easy to share and exportable in AIFF format.

The Thrill of Video

Total control of vjay

Remix your favorite iTunes music and videos and create your own visual footage live using vjay for iPad or iPhone. Since the iTunes library screen appears on the vjay application screen, operation is familiar and easy.

Video and audio mashups

It’s a snap to create mashups and live visuals using videos on your iPad and iPhone. You can easily create soundtracks for your videos using songs from your iTunes library and remix it all with vjay’s powerful visual and audio effects.

Creative video effects

Scratch your videos with the jogwheels and tweak your audio and video with the Loop, FX, and transition controls.

Sophisticated audio capabilities

Algoriddim’s vjay software has every advanced audio feature found in djay. Use the XW-J1’s intuitive controls to cue, scratch, and loop and blend your mix with EQ

The Essence of Mixing

Powered by Vestax

The XW-J1 delivers all the legendary quality of Vestax professional hardware. The mixer controls are built using high quality faders and rotary knobs.

Sound blending with EQ and filters

The 3-band EQ and high definition filters smoothly blend one song into another, allowing you to create your own sound identity.

Harmonic Match™ for in-key mixes

djay automatically detects the keys of songs playing on the left and right turntables and puts them in the same key, enabling seamless blending of songs. Match a song to songs of the same key in your iTunes library.

Tempo detection

djay’s sophisticated on-the-fly song analysis calculates the beats per minute (BPM) and exact location of each beat, laying the groundwork for a host of other features including Auto-Sync and beat-synchronized FX.

The Art of Remixing

Advanced audio FX

Spice up your mix with a host of professional real-time audio effects with an easy to use one-touch grid for instant FX, a more advanced custom panel.


Use Auto-Loop to continuously loop part of a song or remix live using Bounce-Loop to mash up your song, all in perfect sync with the beat.


Use the live sampler to add short snippets into the mix by recording and replaying your favorite tunes. Use the dedicated Sampler Pads to jam along with the tracks.

Scratch jogwheels

High-resolution, touch-sensitive jogwheels enable you to scatch and remix just like you would with vinyl records.

Clever Hardware

Premium Audio

The XW-J1 is equipped with a studio-grade audio interface, providing premium sound quality with high-quality output of 24bit/96KHz.

Multi-Channel Output

The XW-J1 is the first DJ controller to support multi-channel output, which means iOS6 device users can DJ using multi-channel audio for full stereo output.

Ultra Lightweight, Slim Body

The XW-J1 features an ultra-lightweight, slim body that weighs only 1.45 kg, so you can take it with you anywhere in a backpack or in the included carry bag. Since the controller is USB bus-powered, no power adapter is required.

Plug and Play

Once connected to a Mac (USB) and Windows or to an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch (30-pin connector), the XW-J1 instantly takes control of the djay software or app. Audio connections are simple: just connect your powered speakers or stereo system to the RCA outputs and your headphone to the 1/4″ jack output and you’re ready to rock the party!

Perform Until Dawn

You are no longer limited by battery lifetime. When using XW-J1 with iPad, iPhone or iPod touch, the XW-J1 charges your iOS device via the 30-pin connector. You can mix all night long without worrying about running out of power.

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