Samson C-Control Control Room Matrix Selector (B-Stock)

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The Samson C-Control Control Room Matrix Selector brings affordable master section control to your software-based project studio environment. It’s an excellent solution for studios with multiple monitors, headphone mixes and tape or digital sources by providing easy, instant monitor mixes or dubs. Designed with the DAW user in mind, the C-control bridges the gap between software and hardware mixers, bringing the most sought after functions of a console’s master section to your virtual mixer. If you love the freedom of producing audio on computer, but also like the hands-on feel of analog equipment, you’ll love the Samson C-Control.

Samson C-Control Features:
Control room output with level control
Assignable to three separate outputs
Talk back mic with Push to Talk and Slate to Tape
Three sets of two track Inputs and Outputs with dubbing capability
Headphone amp with volume control

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