Superlux Mic Filter HM18AG


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The HM-18AG comes in a sturdy plastic case and consists of one each of the HM-18A and HM-18B anti-POP filters, an 11 3/4″ flexible gooseneck, a 5/8″ x 27T male to female connector and a thumb screw adjustable clip. The gooseneck can be mounted or clipped to a mike stand or any surface with an edge by means of the included clip. The anti-POP filters are easily mounted on the gooseneck by means of the 5/8″ x 27T male connector on the other end.

The HM-18A consists of two layers of nylon silk screens tightly stretched on a frame with a small space in between. The air space between the layers significantly reduces POP noises while not interfering with the high frequency response of the microphone. It is easily mounted and removed with the attached 5/8″ x 27T female adaptor.

The HM-18B is similar to the HM-18A but has a fine carbon steel mesh in each of the two layers instead of nylon. It gives an excellent anti-POP performance while not affecting the high frequency response of the microphone and is also easily mounted by means of the attached 5/8″ x 27T female adaptor.

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