Anuenue U Soprano Rabbit Ukulele


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aNueNue aNN-US Rabbit U Soprano I or model soprano ukulele

The all new U900 S Series has an upgraded to solid mahogany top. This allows for a fuller and brighter tone. The new maple fingerboard inlays, which are exclusive on the U900S, makes for easier playing. The new bridge design allows the top to vibrate freely and with more resonance than most soprano ukuleles.

【 U900 S Series 】

The super-cute logos on the U900 family gets the attention you are looking for. The Rabbit U and Bear 900 characters are laser-etched into the wood and soundholes have either a bear or rabbit silhouette. There are also bear claws or carrots as the fret markers.

【 Rabbit U ( Usagi-no U ) 】
Lead vocal & Ukulele Character: Cheerful and eye-catchy. Quite indifferent about things but easily moved to tears on the other hand. Favorites: latest hit pops (a fan of Beyonce nowadays), carrot juice, dancing, playing tricks.

Body: Solid Mahogany Top Only
Neck: Mahogany
Fingerboard: Rosewood
Binding: None
Bridge: Rosewood
Nut & Saddle: Synthetic Bone
Machine Head: Gear Pegs
Finish: Matte Open Pores
String: aNueNue Vinyl or Aquila White

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