Cort Tube Craft CMV15 15Watt Combo Guitar Amplifier


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Tube Craft

In 1960, vacuum tube amplifiers were used at homes and small clubs with a low-power amplifier of about 5 to 30 watts, and in large concert halls, a high-power amplifier of 45 to 100 watts or more was used.Among these, 15 to 20 watt class amplifiers are increasingly being used in various environments such as performances and recordings in modern times.Tube Craft has designed a push-pull type 15 watt amplifier as the first work to reflect the demands of the times.

Full Tube 15-Watts

As a power amplifier vacuum tube, we used EL84/6BQ5 Hanzo, a representative five-pole tube that has a reputation for splendor and delicacy, and we wanted to express the essence of British series amplifiers.Three 12ax7 preamp tubes are used to implement input gain, equalizer, effect loop, and phase invert. The 12ax7 with a high amplification factor creates an overdrive sound with natural and rich overtones just by increasing the input gain of the amplifier. You can.

Speaker Design by Moollon®

Conventional speakers were far from the tone Moollon® and Cort® were trying to achieve.Tube Craft’s speakers designed by Moollon® are designed to best express the rich harmonics and natural compression characteristic of a tube.The structure of the frame, magnet, damper, cone, and dust cap that forms the basic frame with a ceramic magnet-based 30 watt output was standardized by British speakers in the 1960s, and developed after many tests to express the delicacy of Alnico magnet speakers. .

Hand-Wired Circuitry

Hand-wired wiring is a manual operation that requires a lot of effort and time, and is avoided in most production models due to poor productivity.However, it is an essential method to stably realize high-quality tones.Handwire wiring guarantees the stability of vacuum tube circuits that require high voltage, and this ensures the best performance in any environment.All vacuum tube contacts and high pressure parts of Tube Craft are connected by hard wiring, which has excellent stability even when used for a long time.

Vintage Housing

Made of light and strong aluminum, it is easy to move and is resistant to deformation due to external impact.The housing is made of birch plywood, finished in Ebony & Ivory Tolex, and the three stripes are designed with the intensity of a racing car as a motif.

Send/Return on the Back Panel

You can connect and utilize various effects through the Send/Return function on the back of the amplifier.

Three Band EQ

This is a superb quality 3-band EQ that offers a variety of flexible tones.Even extreme adjustments of the knob do not distort the original tone, so you can adjust the tone even more finely.It is more useful in live venues where quick and accurate tone making is required.


INPUT VOLTAGE Varies Depending on the Region
SPEAKER 12” 8Ω Custom 30W
DIMENSIONS 470*500*230㎜

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