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Vox AC15VR 15-Watt Valve Reactor Combo Amplifier (B-Stock)

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Go from vintage Vox jangle to modern-style crunch (and everywhere in between), with Vox’s extraordinary and amazingly affordable AC15VR! With the tap of a footswitch, you can move between classic and contemporary tones, thanks to the amazing new tube technology inside the AC15VR. The secret behind this affordable combo amp’s amazing tones is in the VR in the 15-watt AC15VR’s name. VR stands for Valve Reactor, a technology Vox has been working on for a while – it’s inside their renowned ToneLab pedals. What VR does is bring you more of the sound, feel, and dynamic range that you’d expect from an all-tube amp – only without all that extra cost and weight. You won’t believe the diverse soundscape of sounds available in the Vox AC15VR.

What really kicks the 1 x 12″ AC15VR over the top is its 2-channel design – normal and overdrive. That means this amp is made to handle your need for old school flavor and modern edge – and you can easily switch between the two vibes using an optional footswitch. Although you could just switch on the amp, pick a channel, and be guaranteed great tone, the AC15VR also features a ton of knobs for you to dial in your classic-yet-custom sound. Use the normal channel’s bass and treble tone controls to balance your high and low ends. The overdrive channel adds a gain knob and a middle control for more defined tonal shaping. Reverb and master volume controls complete the package.

Playing a big gig and want to feel the power? You can use the external speaker jack along with an 8-ohm extension cabinet. When you use the jack, the internal speakers mute. Whatever you do, you won’t believe how much real-deal Vox tone you have pumping through the room, and at such a real-world price. The AC15VR is the AC15 for the rest of us – you can’t go wrong here.

Vox AC15VR 15-watt, 1 x 12″ Combo Guitar Amplifier Features at a Glance:
15-watt, 1 x 12″ combo amplifier with Valve Reactor technology
Much of the feel and dynamic range of a tube amp – without the extra cost and weight
2-channel design delivers classic to modern tones
Volume, treble, and bass controls on the normal channel
Volume, treble, mid, and bass controls on the overdrive channel
Reverb and master volume controls
Features an external 8-ohm speaker jack (mutes the internal speakers)
1 x 12″ VX12 Celestion custom speaker

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