Casio SA-78 (44-Key) Mini Keyboard – Pink

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The Casio SA 78 keyboard has 100 built-in tones. They sound a bit like a toy but the piano tone is in tune. It also has several sounds of other instruments that are worth a little fun. Ideal for children, but only thinking about fun and distraction.

On the other hand it has a polyphony of 8 notes that are the amount of notes that can sound at the same time including accompaniments sounding at the same time that we play. Too poor to learn.

In addition it does not allows sustain pedal that serves to maintain the note in the time and is a basic expressive resource to learn piano.

As we said earlier to amuse the little children is not bad. But the most useful functionality lies in its small weight of 1.4 kg and portability. It also has a headphone output that you can take out to a normal amplifier (mini Jack). On the other hand it has a 5-key drum pad to simulate a percussion instrument.

This makes it very useful to take to rehearsals or to other musicians’ houses where you simply want to show them your ideas on the keyboard. Many times you need a keyboard to express certain ideas and carrying a heavier one is very hard.

On the other hand you can play chords and practice harmony or solfeggio dictations. Although you have to keep in mind that I’d better have MIDI for these purposes. There are several keyboards that bring you to MIDI for a little more money. But if you don’t have any money and you want it for the above then go ahead. It can be a gift for a musician as an additional resource, with the utilities of before will always arise where to use it.

It has to be said that it has to be powered by 6 small AA batteries, it does not have a power supply and although it can be obtained it is not worth it…

It has built-in speakers but very limited of course.

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