Audio Technica ATGM1-USB Pack


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Audio-Technica offers work-from-home solutions for staying connected. Working from home has become the new normal for many. It can require some adjustment but can be made easier with the right equipment for staying connected. Audio-Technica offers a variety of audio solutions that enables you to keep in touch with your co-workers.

ATGM1-USB Microphone

The ATGM1-USB desktop microphone is a compact directional USB microphone that delivers exceptional vocal clarity while blocking out unwanted noise. The high-value ATGM1- USB has an unobtrusive profile that’s ideal for videoconferencing and use in tight home office spaces – its plug-and-play operation includes a USB cable to ensure total ease of use.


ATH-250M Headphones

Enjoy clear music sound with the ATH-250M lightweight headphones that are ideal for long meetings, while working from home.


  • Directional microphone with flexible gooseneck

  • Low profile design for a clutter-free desktop

  • Condenser microphone delivers maximum clarity

  • USB output for easy connection to Windows PC and Mac



  • Equipped with a 40mm-driver that allows you to enjoy music and movies with clear sound

  • Closed-back headphones to ensure minimal leakage of sound

  • Lightweight headphones for extended period of usage

  • A 2.0m cable for ease of movement, making it suitable for desktops or laptops

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